Monday, 2 September 2013

Transfer Window Conclusion & Thoughts

Well, thank god that is over...  It is not something I really get excited about, deadline day.  The whole process of transfers is so drawn out.  It is quite frustrating, particularly in those barren months when club football takes a break.  It dominates and the rise of social media has only made the whole thing 100 times worse.  Media frenzy, constant rumours and attention it gets is all too much.  Can see why people love it and the whole excitement of it.  From the prospect of your club landing a star name, to the hope of addressing weaknesses in the team with new blood.  It is the time too that the transfer muppets come out in force and it often brings out strong reactions.  That side can be fairly entertaining.

Now that the window as closed there have been some real winners when it has come to signing players.  It has been a busy window too and one that has seen Gareth Bale become the worlds most expensive footballer as he transferred to Real Madrid.  It took its time to be announced, but from day one it has been clear that it was only a matter of when.  Real Madrid always get their man and they don't mind paying above and beyond what would be deemed the "right" price.  It is remarkable for a Welsh player to have made such a grand move.  Stands out too as it is rare for British players to opt to play abroad and it is a good thing.  Many cite what a loss to the league he is, which is of course true but.  Will be interesting to follow him at Real.  Expectation will be high due to the price tag, the size of the club he's arrived at and the unique pressures that reside there.  Hope that he gets treated right and a fair chance.
A great coup for Arsenal getting Mesut Ozil (ahem jealous).  Brilliant player, one of my favourites just love to watch him.  Now have a reason to watch more of Arsenal, which'll certainly help in catching more of the Premier League.  James McCarthy signing for £13m is a great addition to Everton and a player their fans will enjoy watching, already good he is very young with a-lot of potential.  So much experience too, having started playing in the SPL at 16.  City got their deals done early, they did very well, made some shrewd signings totally fuss free.  They added to their squad which they needed to do and also brought in some needed pace and width in Navas.  Perhaps feel they could have added another CB as they are weakened without Kompany and don't have that many options back there.  Spurs have spent their money well and got some good players.  Bale will be a miss and cannot be replaced like for like, they'll adapt and move on.  It is true though that good teams take time to be made and success doesn't just come instantly by throwing in a number of new additions.  All the same they do look strong.  Daniel Levy their chairman is a master operator, a bastard to do business with but he's great for Spurs and always gets good money for players.  Impressed with how they've gone about things.  Liverpool have manage to keep Suarez and though not necessarily star turns, have added some quality to their side.  They've done well and are improving, a young side patience will be key but Rogers certainly making headway re-building.  Made a good signing in Mingolet.

Going away from the Premier League, there has been a good deal of movement in terms of players.  Not such a fan of Ricardo Kaka but it was a shame seeing his decline.  Hopefully a move back to Milan will lift the club and him too.  Makes so much sense and he was impressing at Real in his sparse appearances.  A-lot of deals completed early doors abroad, those that stand out are Goetze to Bayern and Neymar to Barcelona.  Both have already made appearances, though with Goetze he has a little bit of time on the touch line following a poor tackle by Ramires in the Super Cup.  It Serie A, biggest transfer out was Cavani to Monaco.  In terms of transfers in, it has been forwards making the headlines- Higuain and Tevez have both got off to strong starts in their respective teams.  Sore start for Higuain too with his accident off the pitch.  Do like watching Juventus, don't really like Tevez but he is a top player and he'll improve them- the only question is, is how long for.
All in all it has been a very busy transfer window and it has certainly made the present season even more exciting.  Additions to the Premier League, (managerial also) will make it very competitive.

And Manchester United...
To say that it has been an underwhelming summer for the club is an understatement.  Even before the window opened; there was a big cloud that hung over with the Rooney situation and it lasted months.  He's been convinced to stay in the end.  Two years left on his contract only, his long term future and commitment to the club a big doubt.  It seemed, very likely that he'd move on and personally had got used to the idea of it.  He is an excellent player but following a poor season, terrible attiude and his wish to leave for a second time enough was surely enough.  Now it seems he is too important to lose.  Manchester United cannot afford to lose that quality and not replace it of course.  He's burned his bridges with a-lot of fans, due to emotional reasoning.  For me too I have to admit; the whole thing just doesn't sit right with me, I am too idealistic really.  Players that want to play for the club, that is what you want to see.
  United signed Fellaini from Everton and a young Uruguayan fullback in Guillermo Varela.  Wilfried Zaha also arrived, having agreed to sign in January.  A total shambles the way player transfer has been handled. Low bids, the public nature of United's pursuits/activity, attempts to penny pinch and decision to leave things til the last minute.  New chairmen Edward Woodward has come in for heavy criticism, fans had been told that there was money there to spend.  David Moyes had also stated the area he wished to strengthen and United fans have been saying so for years, the central midfield.  A midfielder came in but he isn't the one many wished for and in the end the club overpaid.  Fans wished for a player of higher quality to make the difference they feel that their team needs.  As much as I think Fellaini is a good player,  I really don't like the type of player he is and see it as a negative move.  He has some things the team is lacking but certainly a dirty side and just can't see him being the answer to United's midfield problem.  Loan deals have been arranged, both Bebe and Nick Powell.  I hope that Moyes promotes some of the players who impressed in pre-season to the first team and gives them opportunities.  Hope he uses his full squad and does not rely too much on experience.  He has used Giggs virtually every game so far, injuries have contributed certainly and two weeks from now there'll start to be 2 games per week.
The worst thing about United this summer is the handling of the Herrera deal, details are still fuzzy, but more will be known in the morning.  It appears that he has been screwed over by the club massively. The Basque club of Bilbao are notoriously difficult to do business with.  The player was keen for a move, willing to take a wage cut to go to United.  But the club pulled out.  Herrera is now in a difficult situation and remaining at Bilbao, a club known to be tough on players who wish to move on.  It is World Cup year and he'll need games to get a place in the team.  It seems United have just done very wrong by him.  That just isn't right and it isn't Manchester United. 
* It is true that Manchester United fans are spoilt and I am such a huge admirer of the club.  It is the most negative post in relation to United I've written before.  I am certainly not one who is desperate for big money signings nor am I worried about the club.  But have to say, I'm really am not impressed with Edward Woodward.  Beyond him, jow the club is run from the very top- no United fan is happy with that but it is an issue warranting criticism aplenty.